2022 Mentor Coach

Jill Perry

Jill Perry, ChPC, is the president and head coach of the Beaver Boxing Club in Ottawa and a member of Boxing Ontario’s High Performance Committee. She is a former Canadian champion. Perry has a commerce degree from Carleton University and is completing a master’s of High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership at UBC. She has a background in marketing and worked in High Tech for 20 years. 


  • Provide women intern coaches with ongoing mentorship from a qualified mentor coach, with a national or international coaching development opportunity, and enhanced professional development and learning opportunities
  • Connect all participating women intern and mentor coaches in an ongoing supportive network
  • Increase the number of high performance women coaches in Commonwealth sport in Canada

Mentor Coach: Jill Perry, ChPC

“The WCIP  is a program that keeps on giving.”

Sport: Boxing

Occupation: In her professional career, Jill worked in high tech doing everything from software to semiconductors to marketing and communications Now retired, she concentrates on coaching, her “dream job”, and leading the Beaver Boxing Club in Ottawa,

Intern Coach: Erin MacGregor

Athletic History: Jill joined the Beaver Boxing Club in Ottawa in 1998 as an adult in order to get fit and was quickly hooked on the sport. She boxed competitively for the club for the next eight years and is a two-time 57kg Canadian champion. She holds the record for becoming the oldest Canadian champion at the age of 39.

Why A Coaching Career? Jill coaches because it is a career that aligns with her personal values. She loves helping people and coaching gives her that opportunity on an almost daily basis. Growing up she never thought she would be a coach, and certainly not a boxing coach, “but here I am. I fell into the sport by accident and in many ways coaching found me and then I just let it happen." 

Coaching History: Jill has been coaching for over 20 years and was mentored by legendary boxing coach, the late Joey Sandulo. She is currently the president and head coach of the Beaver Boxing Club, which is one of Canada’s oldest clubs. A Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC), she is the chair of Boxing Ontario’s High Performance Committee and is part of Boxing Canada’s coaching pool. Jill is a 1-Star Coach with the International Boxing Association. She was an intern coach with the inaugural WCIP developed by the Commonwealth Games Federaton for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. Jill serves on Boxing Canada’s Coaching Development Advisory Group. As one of the few women coaches in boxing, Jill continues to travel and support Team Canada at events.

In February 2022 Jill was Boxing Canada’s assistant coach at the multi-nation training camp held at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., in preparation for the 2022 Continental Boxing Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Jill is completing her master’s degree in High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership, a program of the University of British Columbia. She earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Marketing from Carleton University of Ottawa.

Importance of the 2018 WCIP to Jill: The inaugural 2018 WCIP gave Jill the opportunity she needed to move her coaching to the next level. She gained valuable experience at those Games and as been able to leverage it to other international events as a team coach for Boxing Canada. The WCIP has also connected her to a network of strong women coaches from around the globe. Four years after the Games, she remains in regular contact with the original WCIP group. Jill says: “The WCIP is a program that keeps on giving.”

Importance of the CSC WCIP for Erin: “Erin MacGregor is an excellent candidate for the CSC WCIP. She is a highly skilled and respected coach and is more than ready to take on the challenge of supporting our national team athletes.”