SportWORKS Officers Implement Games Management Software in Singapore and Barbados

SportWORKS Officers Implement Games Management Software in Singapore and Barbados

Canadian SportWORKS Officers Denise Yuen and Chantelle Grant are implementing the online Games Management software ‘Zeus’ in Singapore and Barbados, respectively, as part of the Capacity Support Program.  Zeus is a streamlined, web-based platform that allows Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to store all of their data in one place, easing the workload involved in preparation of teams for Games.

Recently, Denise facilitated a Zeus workshop at the Singapore National Olympic Committee (SNOC).  Participants from SNOC were joined by representatives from the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka and the Australian Paralympic Committee. "The group's discussions of the challenges in organizing their games teams helped them recognize that the challenges were quite common amongst all the CGAs and NOCs Their ability to define those challenges helped the group develop a better understanding on what needs to take place to improve games team management through Zeus. Over the course of the week, the participants became Zeus Champions - people who will now go back to their organizations with the aim of using Zeus to help solve those challenges."

Chantelle Grant acts as the Regional Development Officer for all of the Caribbean.  She recently travelled to Barbados to assist the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) in delivering a Zeus workshop for National Sport Federations.  There were a total of 18 participants, representing 16 different Federations in attendance. “I was able to spend two full days with the BOA administrators prior to having the National Federations come in, which gave them (the administrators) the necessary tools to feel confident in their ability,” said Chantelle.  “I started the session, but then allowed them to take full lead after 15 minutes.”

Gail Craig-Archer from the BOA spoke of the success of the workshop, “(The National Federations) have literally taken the bull by the horns. Since the completion of the course we have been bombarded with suggestions and questions from the participants. They are all committed to using the program.”

Not only are Denise and Chantelle providing a sustainable form of assistance to each of the organisations involved, their work as SportWORKS Officers continues to have a profound impact on their own personal and professional development.

“I gained a new appreciation for facilitating after leading my first experiential learning exercise,” Denise said.  “It's really different from teaching and a skill I can't wait to develop further!"

 “I stepped out of the 'facilitator' role and became more of a mentor,” noted Chantelle.  “It was extremely rewarding to see the number of people that showed up to the workshop as well as the confidence in their abilities to facilitate grow over the last 3 years. I am proud to be part of something so valuable.”