2022 Mentor Coach

Tina Hoeben


  • Provide women intern coaches with ongoing mentorship from a qualified mentor coach, with a national or international coaching development opportunity, and enhanced professional development and learning opportunities
  • Connect all participating women intern and mentor coaches in an ongoing supportive network
  • Increase the number of high performance women coaches in Commonwealth sport in Canada

Mentor Coach: Tina Hoeben, ChPC

“I am excited to assume the mentorship role and to help up-and-coming women coaches gain from my experiences.”

Sport: Swimming

Occupation: Tina is the Head Coach, KISU Swim Club, Penticton, B.C.

Intern Coach: Sierra Moores

Athletic History: Tina was a swimmer with the UBC Thunderbirds varsity team. Throughout her adult life, she has continued to be active in many sports, including endurance events such as Ironman, cycling, and paddling. Highlights of her activities include completing the Yukon River Quest; 1st overall Voyageur with an all-women’s crew; 1st Voyageur with a mixed crew; setting the course record for Length of the Lake endurance paddling; completing Paris-Brest-Paris cycling; 1200km+ in under 80 hours; and completing an Ironman Triathlon seven times.

Why A Coaching Career? When Tina did her master’s degree in Fine Arts, she had a whole summer to do nothing but make art. “It sounds so wonderful to have all that time, but I hated it.” As an introvert, she doesn’t seek out interaction with others, but it is still very important to her. She realized in that lonely summer that she needed a career that forced her to interact with others as she gets so much satisfaction from doing that. It fills her cup in ways beyond social interaction to help someone achieve their goals or become a better athlete/person through the times when they don't achieve their goals. She hopes to have an impact with her athletes, but she also recognizes the positive impact that they have on her and her life.

Coaching History: Tina has been the head coach of KISU since 1998. Over the past 10 years, she has aggressively pursued professional development leading to positive results for her club as she has actively strived to become a better coach.

Tina, who is a Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC), is Level 3 National Coaching Certification Program certified. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Victoria and a Master of Fine Arts degree from York University. She has completed a Certificate Program, Women in Leadership, from Cornell University.

Mentorships have been an important part of Tina’s development as a coach. “To see what another coach is doing on the deck offers a great education. To have the time to talk with that coach expands my understanding of why they do what they do.”

Tina’s mentorship opportunities include:

  • August 2019: Athlete Coach, world junior championships, Budapest, Hungary
  • January 2018: King Swim Club with Michael Brooks, Seattle, Wash.
  • March 2017: National Training Centre with Brad Dingey and Ryan Mallette, Victoria; Steve Price, UBC Varsity Swim Team
  • December 2016: Select Coaches Group in England with Melanie Marshall, coach of Olympic and world champion Adam Peatty
  • December 2016: attended the world short course championships and coaches conference, Windsor, Ont.
  • April 2016: Orinda Aquatics, Ron and Don Heidary, Moraga, Cal.
  • March 2013: York YMCA, Michael Brooks, York, Penn.

Tina was also an intern coach with the inaugural WCIP developed by the Commonwealth Games Federation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.

Team appointments have played a crucial role in her development. “Coaching on a team that represents your province or country provides many opportunities for learning.” Tina’s team assignments include:

  • 2017: World junior championships coaching staff
  • 2017: Team BC, Canada Games
  • 2016: Canadian Youth Relay Camp
  • 2015: Men’s coach, Western Canada Summer Games
  • 2020: Swim BC Luxembourg Euro Meet

A member of Swimming Canada’s Female Coaches Group, Tina is part of the Advanced Coaches Group, a coach development initiative being offered to coaches the association has worked with in recent years.

Importance of the CSC WCIP to Tina: The experience and exposure as a mentor will help her greatly in her own coaching as it equips her with so many more coaching tools. She is excited to assume the mentorship role and to help up-and-coming women coaches gain from her experiences.

Importance of the CSC WCIP for Sierra: “I am excited to share my experiences with Sierra. We meet regularly to develop a mentor/mentee relationship and discuss leadership qualities that create great coaches; we also discuss areas for improvement. We are working with Swimming Canada to create an opportunity for her to take part in a national camp or international meet. It is my intention that, through the CSC WCIP experiences, I will help Sierra to acquire knowledge and tools to draw on in her future coaching.”