2021 Intern Coach

Breanne Graham

Breanne Graham is the head coach of Team Alberta Women, the Junior Dinos wrestling program, and the Calgary Sports Hub. She has a master’s degree in Geology from the University of Calgary. Graham has completed NCCP Wrestling Introduction to Competition and is working on the Competition-Development segment. A 12-time Canadian champion, her wrestling career was highlighted by medals at the junior world championships, three Senior World Cups, the World University Championships, and 12 victories at the Canadian championships. She is also the mother of two children. 

Name: Breanne Graham, Calgary, Alberta

“The WCIP recognizes that women athletes need positive female role models for support and to look up to both for athletic performance and to become aware that coaching is in fact a viable career option for women.”

Sport: Wrestling

Mentor Coach: Martine Dugrenier

WCIP Responsibilities: Breanne will accompany and assist the national team at an international sporting event or training camp as circumstances permit. Her duties will include providing support to coaching staff in the corner or behind the scenes in the staging area; providing feedback to athletes during training sessions; acting as a training/warm-up partner as needed; scouting the matches of potential opponents; and assisting coaches in providing support to achieve optimal athletic performance.

Current Occupation: Breanne is the head coach of Team Alberta Women’s Canada Summer Games program and the Calgary Sports Hub wrestling program; the lead coach of the University of Calgary Junior Dinos wrestling program; and the owner and operator of the online Sweet Suplex Custom Bakery (https://www.facebook.com/sweetsuplexbakery/ ).

Athletic Background: Breanne spent many years as a competitive wrestler, starting at the age of 12 with her junior high school program and continuing throughout high school and university. Along the way, she competed for the national team and travelled around the world representing Canada. She initially retired at the age of 27 to start a family. After a four-year break and two children, she returned to wrestling and competed for Canada for another eight years. Career highlights include 12 national titles, two junior world championship medals, and three Pan American Championships medals.

Why Coaching? According to Breanne, wrestling made her the person she is today. “I have had many great experiences because of wrestling, but most importantly, it has built me into a resilient, confident individual who knows how to set goals and work hard to achieve them.” She says that because she has been given so much through the sport, she wants to give others the same opportunities. Breanne describes wrestling as a great tool by which to develop self-discovery and self-knowledge., and that is why she intends to continue to contribute to the growth of individuals through wrestling.

Education: Breanne completed Master of Science in Carbonate Petrology at the University of Calgary in 2007 and a Bachelor of Science with a major in geology and a minor in religious studies in 2004.

Coach Education: Breanne has completed Introduction to Competition and is currently working towards completion of Competition Development.

Importance of the WCIP: “WCIP reflects the importance of supporting women to excel in professions that are traditionally male-dominated. WCIP recognizes that women athletes need positive female role models for support and to look up to both for athletic performance and to showcase coaching as a viable career option for women.”

After the WCIP: Breanne anticipates that the WCIP funding will help her to understand the inner workings and support required to successfully coach a team at an international competition.

“It will demonstrate the dynamics of coaching such a team and how to work together to provide athletes with the support necessary for maximum performance. I will gain valuable international coaching experience and that will help to develop my coaching portfolio so that I will be ready for future coaching opportunities. That way I will be prepared to coach at international events where my athletes are competing.”