Canadian Sport Policy Renewal Survey

The Canadian Sport Policy presents a powerful vision for sport in Canada.

The federal provincial/territorial Ministers responsible for sport have agreed to renew the Canadian Sport policy. Now is the time for interested Canadians and sport communities to contribute and to help build a sport policy that reflects the sport they want in Canada. The vision embraced by the policy will lay the foundation upon which we will focus our efforts over the next ten years to improve sport in Canada.

“This is a very important opportunity for athletes to ensure their voices are part of this renewal process” says Jasmine Northcott, AthletesCAN Executive Director.  “I encourage all our athletes to take a few moments and participate in this survey.  The athlete voice is vital to this renewal process and the sport we want for Canada.  Your voice matters.”

Please click on the link below and take a few minutes to complete the Canadian Sport Policy Survey

Deadline to complete the survey:  June 27, 2011.