Canadian Commonwealth Sport Awards

  1. To Celebrate and honor individuals and organizations who have made a significant contribution to the Commonwealth sport movement in Canada and/or abroad
  2. To Increase the Canadian public’s awareness of the Commonwealth sport movement and Commonwealth Sport Canada, and  
  3. To Provide a vehicle for fundraising.



The Call for Nominations for the 2024 Canadian Commonwealth Sport Awards will be in the categories of Volunteer Excellence and Sport & Social Development Excellence.  Everyone is encouraged to nominate someone or apply yourself.  Call for Nominations is now CLOSED. 

AWARD CATEGORIES: See below for Previous Award Recipients.

VOLUNTEER EXCELLENCE (Award of Merit (Builder)):  An individual who has made distinguished, lasting and valuable contributions to furthering the aims and objectives of Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) and the Commonwealth Sport Canada Foundation (CSCF), both domestically and internationally.  Builder nominees may be either active or inactive at the time of their consideration.

SPORT &SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT EXCELLENCE (SportWORKS Award):  (formerly known as CSDP or IDS (Commonwealth Sport Development Program or International Development Sport Program)) An individual recognized for their exceptional contributions during their international or domestic placement with CSC. The award is presented to a Canadian SportWORKS Officer who has made a significant contribution to the development of sport. Recipient selection for this award is based on the nominee’s contribution to the development of sport (at any level) in Commonwealth countries around the world (including Canada), especially as it relates to CSC’s values of humanity, equality, and destiny. 


SPORT EXCELLENCE (Athlete & Coach Award):  Recognizes and celebrates outstanding athletic and coaching performances at the last Commonwealth Games!

PARTNERSHIP EXCELLENCE (Outstanding Partner Award):  Serves to recognize the extraordinary support provided to CSC/CSCF by a valued, external organization.  Without that support, CSC/CSCF could not meet its goals. 


Celebrating award winner(s) will be done in person at the Annual General Meeting Gala.  The recipient and one guest will be invited to the celebration at CSC/CSCF’s expense. In the event the award is being presented posthumously, a close relative will be invited to attend. If a nominee is unable to attend or be represented, the Manager, Programs & Operations shall assume responsibility for proper delivery of the Award.


The CSC Website will maintain an Awards Recipient page on which the name of each recipient and date of induction will be recorded and will include a picture, video citation and/or biography of each recipient.

Each Award recipient in the Sport Excellence and Partner Excellence will be presented with a Games Photo Montage and Certificate of Recognition, while the Award recipients in the Volunteer Excellence and Sport Development Excellence will be presented with a Certificate of Recognition and a personal Gift Certificate.  The photo montage/gift certificate should be within $500 that will be supported in the budget.  All recipients will also be given their video montage that is presented during the Awards Gala.


An Award Recipient of CSC’s Canadian Commonwealth Sport Awards can have their award revoked if the CSC Board of Directors determines an award recipient’s actions have brought dishonour to the Commonwealth sport movement and/or Commonwealth Sport Canada.  Such actions may include being convicted of a crime, personal conduct that is seen to undermine the credibility integrity or relevance of the CSC; or being subjected to official sanction by an adjudicating body, professional association, or other organization.  The formal removal process is performed by the Board of Directors.


Inducted 1993 - AWARD OF MERIT

M.M. (Bobby)
Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame

Colonel John M.
(Jack) Davies

Margaret Lord

Neil Farrell

Allan Fitzpatrick

Inducted 1996 - AWARD OF MERIT

Ivor Dent, Ph.D Wally Stinson Kenneth P Farmer


Hon. James Richardson

Inducted 2000 - AWARD OF MERIT

Doreen Ryan Vaughan Baird Kenneth Smith Robert Osborne


Bruce Robertson

Inducted 2005 - AWARD OF MERIT

Robert (Bob) Adams

Inducted 2008 - AWARD OF MERIT

Judy Kent

Hall of Fame 2021

In 2016 the Award of Merit and Significant Contribution Awards became part of a larger Awards program, now called the Canadian Commonwealth Sport Awards.


Margie Schuett Award of Merit Ryan Pelley
Jennifer Brown SportWORKS PCL Outstanding Partner








Inducted 2017 - Partnership Excellence

Brock University Outstanding Partner








Inducted 2018 - Sport Excellence

Kylie Masse
Athlete Category
Martin Calder
Coach Category







Inducted 2019 - Volunteer Excellence

Bruce Robertson
Award of Merit

Inducted 2019 - Sport Development Excellence 

Jennifer Wong SportWORKS








Inducted 2021 - Partnership Excellence

Kukri Sports Canada Outstanding Partner







Inducted 2022 - Sport Excellence

Justina Di Statio
Athlete Category
Ryan Mallette
Coach Category