Team Canada 2022 Corporate Program

Unbelievable as this may sound, and something people are not aware of, Canada’s athletes must “pay to compete” at the Commonwealth Games! The Commonwealth Games Foundation of Canada (CGFC) is trying to help finance their participation, even in these difficult times, and provide a Once-In-A-Lifetime Corporate Leadership Program, Like No Other!

Team Canada 2022 Corporate Program - Canada Team Canada 2022 Corporate Program - UK

Sport is a great “incubator” for strengthening business leadership skills such as teamwork, motivation, and people management.  In 2022 the Commonwealth Games are in Birmingham, England, it’s also an opportunity to provide your high valued local clients, or senior management, to learn from some of the world’s top sport leaders, experience the unique and rich culture of the City of Birmingham and enjoy an exclusive VIP games experience, while at the same time support Canada’s athletes.