Team Canada - 2022 Commonwealth Games Birmingham, England




Canadian athletes have a history of  memorable firsts at the Commonwealth Games Canada was the first country to host the Commonwealth Games in 1930, and we've participated ever since. However, due to the cumulative effects of Government funding cuts since 2011 , we are now faced with the reality that Commonwealth Games Canada is unable to fund a full team to compete beyond the 2022 Commonwealth Games. We need your help to ensure Canada continues to participate in future Commonwealth Games.

The  Domino Effect
In 2010,  Canada lost its first-ever  Commonwealth Games bid.  Commonwealth Games Canada funding was cut from three million dollars to under a million.  And for the first time since the 1970’s some of Canada’s Commonwealth athletes had to pay their own way. Without additional Government or private funding  2022 could be the last time Canada sends a full compliment of athletes to the Commonwealth Games. No more firsts. No more trips to the podium.

Please Don’t let 2022 be our last!
Our athletes will be the first to tell you that the Commonwealth Games set the stage for future accomplishments. In fact, Canada’s Commonwealth athletes win 80% of the medals Canada wins at the Summer Olympic Games. Your donations will not only help athletes today, but also help future athletes represent our country on the world stage for generations to come.

Let’s pave the way for a brighter future.
A full Canadian team is comprised of roughly 280 athletes, and between travel, accommodation, meals & equipment it costs approximately $6,000 to send each athlete to each Commonwealth Games.

On behalf of all Canadian Athletes we’re asking for your help to ensure Canada continues to participate in future Commonwealth Games. If you believe in the power of sport , empowering our youth and supporting Canada's future mentors, we hope you give generously. 


Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) is the franchise holder for the Commonwealth sport movement in Canada. CGC supports Canada’s athletes to achieve excellence at Olympic and Paralympic Games and world championships, enriches the lives of youth across the Commonwealth and hosts the Commonwealth Games.