Call For Nominations - For Elected Position Within The Membership

At the Quadrennial Meeting of the Commonwealth Games Association, to be held in March of 2011, an election will take place to create a new Board of Directors and a new group of Members-at-Large (MAL). The Board and MAL will serve the Commonwealth Games Association of Canada for a four year period.

It is the goal of the Nominations Committee to ensure that we have a slate of candidates which reflects the diversity and talents of the Canadian community, an interest in serving our organization, and experience and perspectives that will serve CGC well. The Committee will also ensure an optimum balance of candidates with regards to gender and geographic representation.

I am pleased to serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee as I will not be a candidate in this yearthe current and the future leadership needs of CGC as we respond to the continued growth of our organization and the expansion of its programmes. As always, we are determined to remain an integral part of the development of Canada while seeking opportunities to enrich the competitive environment and competitive opportunities for the athletes of our member organizations. At the same time we continue to reflect our commitment to ensuring that sport serves as a transformational force in society by supporting the growth of our unique International Development through Sport (IDS) programmes. We also look forward to enhancing Canada.

At this time, this note serves as the official Call for Nominations; it is extended to all with an interest in serving the Commonwealth Games Association of Canada and the Commonwealth Games movement.

All current members of the Board of Directors have indicated their desire to stand for re-election. Ten of sixteen current MAL have also indicated their willingness to serve again.

It is important that we identify those who might wish to contribute to CGC. If you are aware of such individuals I would ask that you forward, in confidence, your nomination to The Nominating Committee, c/o Ms Kelly Laframboise, Commonwealth Games Canada by 4pm on Friday, February 4, 2011. Nominations must be accompanied by:

The Final Slate of nominations and all biographical information will be distributed to the membership on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 for their consideration at the AGM on March 6, 2011. It is important to note that nominations may not be received from the floor at the time of the AGM. The list of current Board of Directors and Members-at-Large is listed below:

President Dr. Andrew Pipe (re-elected January 2010)
Past President Claude Bennett
Treasurer Rick Powers
Vice Presidents Sue Boreskie
Jocelyne Cote-O'Hara
Linda Cuthbert
Rob Toller
John Stanton
Athlete Rep Suzanne Weckend (separate election process under way)
Members-at-Large seeking re-election Rachel Bedingfield
Jim Bradley
Joe Halstead
Wayne Hellquist
Lori Johnstone
Molly Killingbeck
Marg McGregor
Heather Moyse
Ross Outerbridge
Mike Sutton
Members-at-Large NOT seeking re-election Todd Allison
Ken Bagnell
Shannon Butters
Bruce Kidd
Tim Page
Scott Sandison

Thank you for your interest in the Commonwealth Games and your assistance with this important element of our work.

Andrew Pipe, CM, MD
President & Chair, Nominating Committee
Commonwealth Games Association of Canada









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