Call for Nominations Athlete Representative

This letter serves as a call for nominations seeking the position of Athlete Representative on the Board of Directors of Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC) for the 2010 – 2014 Quadrennial.

Nomination of Athlete Representative:

Candidates for the position of Athlete Representative on the Board of Directors must be Active Athletes, defined in the CGC By-laws as follows:

“Active Athletes” means the flag bearers at the past two Commonwealth Games; Members of the Corporation (CGC) who have competed at an elite level as defined by their NSF within the past two Quadrennials; athletes who participated in one of the past two Commonwealth Games and have demonstrated their commitment to the Corporation through volunteer contribution.

Nominations may be received from:

  • any athlete who has competed at one of the past two Commonwealth Games
  • any Athlete Representative of a Participant or Associate NSF

Nominations to be submitted by e-mail to:

Deadline for Nominations: January 31, 2010


Will be required to confirm their intention to stand for the position and submit a one-page backgrounder (CV) and photograph. The photo should be a head and shoulders shot in jpg format preferably.


Eligible voters will be “Active Athletes” who have participated in the last two Commonwealth Games.


Areas of Authority

The CGC Board is a governing Board, focused on policy and governance issues. The Board provides strategic direction; approves budgets, financial statement and governance policies and inputs to a variety of work delegated to staff.


  • Active participation in CGC Board decision making process
  • Network with Canadian Athletes in order to appropriately represent their views at the CGC Board table
  • CGC Athlete Representative on the Athletes CAN Board of Directors
  • Liaising with and representing Canada in interactions with peer CGF and CGA athlete representatives

Time Commitment

a) Board participation

  • three to four weekends per year (AGM and face to face Board meetings)
  • monthly conference call
  • an additional 5 – 8 hours per month for review and reply to ongoing requests, participate in Board tasks.

Term of Office

Four (4) years


Skills and Knowledge for Board (collectively)

  • Sport system in Canada and internationally
  • Business development expertise
  • Understanding of Commonwealth ethics, traditions and values
  • Understanding of Games Bidding and Host societies
  • Government relations
  • Athlete and coach needs
  • All business areas of CGC
  • Management of contracts, partnerships and procurement
  • Marketing Rights
  • Legal
  • Advocacy skills
  • Team building
  • Process and effective decisionmaking
  • Fiscal management
  • Communications
  • English and French language – verbal
  • Strategic thinking and scanning
  • Leadership
  • International diplomacy
  • Presentation and speaking skills


  • Professional and personal development opportunities
  • Attendance at special events
  • Opportunity to play a significant role in Canadian sport
  • Part of an excellent team that is making significant change and modelling new leadership