Call for Nominations - 2024 Canadian Commonwealth Sport Awards

The Call for Nominations for the 2024 Canadian Commonwealth Sport Awards will be in the categories of Volunteer Excellence and Sport & Social Development Excellence.  Everyone is encouraged to nominate someone or apply yourself.

2024 Nomination Form and Guidelines - Award of Merit

2024 Nomination Form and Guidelines - SportWORKS 



VOLUNTEER EXCELLENCE (Award of Merit (Builder)):  An individual who has made distinguished, lasting and valuable contributions to furthering the aims and objectives of Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) and the Commonwealth Sport Canada Foundation (CSCF), both domestically and internationally.  Builder nominees may be either active or inactive at the time of their consideration. (See Previous Award Recipients)

SPORT &SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT EXCELLENCE (SportWORKS Award):  An individual recognized for their exceptional contributions during their international or domestic placement with CSC. The award is presented to a Canadian SportWORKS Officer who has made a significant contribution to the development of sport. Recipient selection for this award is based on the nominee’s contribution to the development of sport (at any level) in Commonwealth countries around the world (including Canada), especially as it relates to CSC’s values of humanity, equality, and destiny. (See Previous Award Recipients)

Nominations must be emailed to, by 9:00a.m. ET on April 20, 2024. Only nominations received by this deadline will be considered.

For further clarification, please contact Kelly Laframboise at 613-244-6868 x222 or by email at